My name is Ela and I am 20 years old. I’m new at blogging so bare with me while I get the hang of this. I’m just going to tell you a bit about myself and what I want to achieve through blogging. I live in England and have recently finished my second year of university (phew). I said my name was Ela, however that is not my official name I want to keep my personal information private for the time being and wanted to use my middle name that my parents chose but forgot to write it down on my passport. During the past few years I have been introduced to many bloggers through Instagram and Youtube, they inspired me to create my own blog and through this platform I want to share what I like/dislike. Travels. Makeup (which I love). Books (I’m currently writing my own which will be up on Wattpad soon). Fashion and lifestyle. I would like to thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my content.

Ela xo